Q. When is registration?
A. Registration opens in January.  Take advantage of our online discounted Fall Early Bird Registration pricing that runs through mid-March! Registration closes in July.

Q. How do we register?
A. You can register through our website ! or follow our Instagram account to learn about any upcoming events.

Q. Where and when is equipment distributed?
A. Equipment for tackle football will be distributed in early July.  Helmet and other equipment distribution will take place also in July. Specific date is TBD. All registrants will be given their time in advance and must attend their pickup time. Cheer uniforms will be ready in early to mid-August before our first game.

Q. What if we don't think the equipment fits correctly?
A. Experienced Valley Vipers Football coaches will fit your child correctly during equipment handout.  The equipment is fitted to each child at the time it was issued. Helmets are supposed to be tight to prevent injuries.  If you feel your child wasn't properly fitted, please discuss it with your head coach and he will get it resolved.

Q. Does my child need a physical to play football or to cheer?
A. Yes both football players and cheerleaders will need physicals. We recommend that you schedule your medical exam during the summer, before practice begins, so you do not miss any practice time. Physical forms are due the first day of practice.  The forms will be emailed to you upon your completion of registration with a link to all the forms to be filled or you can find them here.  No child can participate without a signed physical form on file with us. 

Q. Does my child need to show a birth certificate or passport to play?
A. All new football players will.  We must view an official document that shows your child's date of birth. They will only accept an official birth certificate or a valid passport. No photo copies will be accepted.  If you cannot find it or do not have one, please apply for one as soon as possible. (This is not applicable to cheer)

Q. When and where are practices?
A. We are currently waiting for additional guidance from the league but will be hosting special events this Spring before we kick off summer practices. We will be adding additional practice days as the situation with  COVID improves. Practices will be held at Simi Valley High School

Q. Are teams based on age or weight?
A. Both. We offer a safe place to play no matter how much or little you child weighs.  Our lighter players can play in a division with younger players. Our average weight players play against similar weight & ages and our heaviest player are not forced to play up multiple divisions as is found in other Football Leagues. We want everyone to have a place to play without compromising safety. Please check the GCYFL Weight Chart for more info.

Q. Where are games held?
A. Our home games will be held at Simi Valley High School. Away games will be held at various fields/schools in Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

Q. What safety protocols are in place for my athlete?

A. The Vipers are in compliance with our state and local officials in providing the safest game possible. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ASSEMBLY BILL NO. 1

Q. Is it a problem if my child misses some Cheer practices and/or games?
A. Cheerleading is a difficult sport and requires team effort. Cheerleaders will learn routines and stunts. When a Cheerleader does not show up for practices this could affect the entire routine. Cheerleaders that miss practice may not know how to perform the routines or stunts that are being taught which endangers the themselves and the teammates. All Cheerleaders need to make every effort to be available for each practice session throughout the season. Please let your head coach know ahead of time if your athlete needs to miss practice.

Q. Can the Cheerleaders paint their faces with logos and wear sparkle body lotions and makeup?
A. It is preferred cheerleaders do not wear makeup. Cheerleaders are allowed to wear suitable makeup if the parents allow it, but for safety reasons glitter is NOT allowed.

Q. Can my daughter cheer for my son's team ?
A. You may make this request at the time of registration. We make every effort to pair sibling if they qualify to be in the same division. Note that cheerleaders are placed solely by age and skill level.

Q. What if this season gets cancelled?

A. If this season gets cancelled, we will refund your registration fees minus the cost of uniforms if they have already been distributed to families. We believe the 2021 season will continue as planned and accordance with current state and county safety standards.


Q. What if we decide to cancel our registration?

A. We get it, life happens and sometimes we need to re-prioritize our commitments. If you have registered for the upcoming season and have paid a deposit or registration in full, we are able to issue full refunds anytime before June 15th. Any refund requests after June 15th will not be issued, as uniforms/gear/equipment have been ordered and league dues have been paid. 

Have additional questions? Feel free to reach out to us in our contact form below!